Q.) Is EAdmit™ a template?
A.) No, it can be completely customized to meet your brand standards and enrollment needs.  Pricing will vary based on customization.

Q.) Can a facility upload documentation for patients/responsible parties to complete prior to their visit?
A.) Yes!  All documents required by state and or facility will be available online to complete prior to admission.

Q.) What is the ongoing cost associated with EAdmit™?
A.) There is a set up fee and an affordable monthly license fee.  The fee will vary based on size of facility.

Q.) Is EAdmit™ secured?
A.) EAdmit™ sits on a HIPAA managed server to allow for complete security and redundancy.

Q.) Can we interface EAdmit™ with our CRM or accounting system?
A.) Yes!  There are many ways to integrate our tool with your existing platforms.  That is a discussion we have at the onset of the contract.  Additional costs will be associated with an integration.

Q.) Will our EAdmit™ site look like our website?
A.) The tool will be co-branded with your company logo to meet your brand standards and style guidelines.

Q.) How long does it take to set up EAdmit™?
A.) It generally takes two to four weeks from start to finish.  This includes ample time for testing.

Q.) What are the steps to get started with EAdmit™?
A.) It’s easy and quick.  All we need are the forms needed for the admission process. EAdmit™ provides NO FORMS.   If certain forms are needed or requested, we direct the client to our legal partner, Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP.  We upload the documents once provided and off you go.  It’s truly that easy.

Q.) What is the average length of a contract for EAdmit™?
A.) Most of our contracts are 2 years long.

Q.) Can your PDF’s be branded?
A.) Yes, They can be co- branded with your company logo.

Q.) How many different level of admin rights can you have on the back end?
A.) As many as you want.  Typically, clients choose 3-4 users to accommodate the different levels of their staff.  It can be as basic or complex as you need.

Q.) Can patients or responsibly parties access the forms at any time?
A.) Yes.  All forms are stored electronically in a personalized and password protected portal.  You will be notified real time if any information is updated, or you can choose to receive notifications based on a time frame that you determine.

Q.) How easy is it to create your own forms?
A.) It is not difficult but it does require a short demo.  It generally is a drag and drop process, but we are all about service so we are always available to add forms on demand.

Q.) Can EAdmit™ integrate with billing systems?
A.) Yes.  There is a fee associated with the integration.   It can be very helpful to have such an integration as all records are kept up to date in EAdmit™.

Q.) Is EAdmit™ signatures just as binding as “Docusign”?
A.) Yes.  EAdmit™ does require an e-signature at each area where a signature is requested.  The tool does not save signatures and this is by design.

Q.) Are the PDF’s printable?
A.) Absolutely.  You can print PDF’s as often as you wish.  And so can the patient or responsible party if they choose to keep a printed set of documents.

Q.) What is the process if  a patient doesn’t end up coming to your facility?
A.) You have the option of deleting the patient permanently from the tool, or can choose to archive the information.

Q.) Can you sort the database by location if you have multiple locations?
A.) Using EAdmit™, you have the ability to sort by level of care, facility or any other data field that is present on the form.

Q.) Can EAdmit™ specify forms by location?
A.) Yes.  EAdmit™ allows you to decide what forms or information belongs to what facility.