How it Works

Profile created – Patient info is either entered or uploaded into the EAdmit™ portal.

Complete all required forms online –  A checklist of all required forms will help you and the patient or responsibly party stay on track with completing forms.  It becomes a paperless environment.  Well overdue!

Simplify – All a patient has to do is review and provide electronic signatures to the necessary forms in EAdmit™.  All documents will be stored and can be printed or saved for future reference.

Efficient – Email triggers and notifications are set up through the EAdmit™  platform to notify the patient or responsible party of any missing documents within a specific time-frame.   It will also send email notifications to the administrations or admission team if documents are not complete.  The notification process frees up the staff’s time so they can focus on welcoming and tending to a patient and or family members.