The benefits of using eAdmit™


Personalized and paperless approach to admitting patients info senior living facilities, medical practices and prior to medical procedures.


Enhances the admission experience by providing each patient with a personalized portal. Each portal is secured and password protected.


Automated reminders and email notifications to patients/responsible parties and administrators to help keep the process organized and real time.

Lightens your load

Reduces significant workload for administrators and admission personnel by automating the registration, scheduling and confirmation processes for admission.

eAdmit™ is an electronic admission software designed specifically for the long term, transitional care and senior living industry.

 The software will serve owners well by substantially increasing the efficiency and compliance of the admission process to their facilities. All forms can be completed on ANY DEVICE prior to admission. Through initial time studies, eAdmit™ is saving close to 70% of time by automating the admission process.  
eAdmit™ is also fully integrated with EHR platforms.

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