Frequently asked questions

Q.) Is eAdmit™ strictly a template?
A.) No, the landing page is customized to meet your brand standards and enrollment needs.

Q.) Is eAdmit™ secure? A.) Absolutely! eAdmit™ resides on an HIPAA managed server with constant redundancy and backup.

Q.) Is eAdmit integrated with EHR platforms?
A.) Yes, eAdmit will integrate with PointClickCare and other EHR platforms.

Q.) Can a client include a "how to complete the admission packet" video? A.) Yes but once you see the Public Interface, you will realize that the ease of use won't require much instruction. The platform is very intuitive.

Q,) Can you require a photo to be uploaded of the person completing the packet? A.) Yes, eAdmit™ is built with the upload function so this can be a required step.

Q.) Can a facility upload documentation for patients/responsible parties to complete prior to their visit?
A.) Yes!  All documents required by state and or facility can be uploaded and stored in the patient portal.

Q.) What is the ongoing cost associated with eAdmit™?
A.) eAdmit is based on a predictive cost model. There is a one time setup fee and an affordable monthly license fee.  The fee will vary based on size of company and how many different admission packets are required.

Q.) Is eAdmit™ secured?
A.) eAdmit™ sits on an AWS HIPAA managed server to allow for complete security and redundancy.

Q.) Can we interface eAdmit™ with our CRM or accounting system?
A.) Yes!  There are many ways to integrate our tool with your existing platforms.  This discussion takes place early in the process to eliminate any wasted time or energy.  Additional costs will be associated with an integration. eAdmit is currently integrated with PCC.

Q.) How long does it take to set up eAdmit™?
A.) It generally takes four to six weeks from start to finish.  This includes ample time for testing. Much of the timing depends on receiving all documents required from the client.

Q.) What are the steps to get started with eAdmit™?
A.) It’s easy and quick.  All we need are the forms required for the admission process. eAdmit™ provides NO FORMS.   If certain forms are needed or requested, we direct the client to our legal partner, Rolf Goffman Martin Lang LLP.  

Q.) What is the average length of a contract for eAdmit™?
A.) The contract is a minimum of 2 years.

Q.) How many different level of admin rights can you have on the back end?
A.) Typically a client will designate 3- 4 user roles to accommodate the different levels of their staff.  The roles will determine what is visible in the admin section per the role hierarchy.

Q.) Can patients or responsibly parties access the forms at any time?
A.) Yes.  All forms are stored electronically in a personalized and password protected portal.  Along with the admission packet, a patient or responsible party can store other documents such as POA docs, Insurance card, etc.

Q.) Can eAdmit™ integrate with billing systems?
A.) Yes.  There is a fee associated with any integration.   It can be very helpful to have such an integration as all records are kept up to date in eAdmit™.

Q.) Are eAdmit™ signatures just as binding as “Docusign”?
A.) Yes.  eAdmit™  requires an e-signature and acknowledgment at each location where a signature is requested.  

Q.) Are the admission packets printable?
A.) Absolutely. The admission packets can be printed or saved for future reference. And of course it will always be available for reference in the patient portal in the admin section of the tool.

Q.) What is the process if  a patient doesn’t end up coming to your facility?
A.) You have the option of deleting the patient permanently from the tool, or can choose to archive the information.

Q.) Can eAdmit™ specify forms by location?
A.) Yes.  eAdmit™ allows you to decide what forms or information belongs to what facility.


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