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EAdmit™ is the brainchild of 3 partners that realized the need of automating the admission process in Senior Living facilities.  The partners came together from three different vantage points: attorneys who know the healthcare business and understand the laws that affect senior living facilities, an executive with a senior living company that deals with inefficiencies in admission and a software development company that focuses on developing effective and affordable tools used in SNF’s.  All seeing a huge need to automate a process that is paper intensive and time consuming.   The true advantage of EAdmit is that it was designed and built by people that live it everyday.   The partners understand the importance of:

  • Having all documents completed prior to admission and stored in one location
  • Automating the process so admission counselors can build more meaningful relationships with referral sources
  • Building a software tool that is user friendly for both the patient/responsible party and admission counselors

“I have worked in sales  for over 5 years and have heard over and over again the  frustration from our administrators of the lack of software available to help patients when admitting into their facilities.  It was because of this pain, EAdmit was adopted at our community.  It is has reduced admission workload and follow up calls by approximately 70%.  A HUGE COST SAVINGS!  This efficiency has allowed our teams to focus more on service than administrative work.”    Admission Director – Cincinnati, Ohio 

All EAdmit clients have a designated team to ensure an easy implementation and ongoing technical support as needed.


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